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Brevity is the Soul of Twitt(er)

We’re trying something new with our Twitter feed. When we first started Tweeting, there was some reluctance. How could we give valuable  teaching advice in so few characters. We’ve never been the kind of folks to provide pithy, top-ten,  one-size-fits-all advice, and we figured that no one needs to know what we had for breakfast, or how we feel about the last few episodes of Lost. So how should we use this medium?

It’s a fair question. How do we use the meager space provided to communicate something of value? Or at least to effectively direct attention toward something of value. We decided to take up the constraints of the medium as an  aesthetic challenge.  So we’ve started writing Teaching Haiku that express some of our most potent teaching moments and link to resources applicable to that situation. It actually been pretty fun and useful for us to distill our our thoughts into such an elegant form. Would this be a useful exercise for your students? Check out our Teaching Haiku, or contribute your own at our Twitter page.

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