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Inclusive Teaching: Part One of Highlights from TEP’s ‘Belonging’ Series

During winter and spring 2016, TEP hosted 12 events, workshops, and reading group meetings as part of its Belonging series. The series had two aims: to guide and support faculty and GTF efforts toward inclusive teaching—conveying to all UO students that their presence matters in our classes; to help create classroom communities that are ready to address […]

TEP Calls for Applicants for First Teaching Excellence Fellow

We’re delighted to invite applications from senior members of the faculty—both tenured faculty and senior instructors—for TEP’s first Teaching Excellence Fellowships, funded by the Tom and Carol Williams Fund for Undergraduate Education and the Division of Undergraduate Studies. The position will release two of UO’s distinguished teachers from courses during 2016 and 2017 and provide a $2,500 […]

Apply Now for Funded Working Group on Active Teaching and Learning

We invite individual applications for a 16-person, funded faculty group that will work to revise one of each member’s courses, enhancing their creativity, interactivity, rigor, and skill building in keeping with research on how people learn. In brief: research on teaching and learning indicates that active classes that ask students to grapple with authentic problems […]

TEP at 25

Twenty five years ago, with just a camera and a vision, I couldn’t have imagined how TEP would influence the teaching aspirations and achievements of so many faculty members. I also couldn’t have anticipated the positive response the program would receive from faculty across disciplines, facing different teaching challenges, in various stages of their professional […]

TEP Welcomes New Director

As TEP’s new director, I’m fortunate to inherit a professional, positive program that meets teachers of every rank and discipline with interest and care. Last year, TEP’s four staffers led more than 300 consultations with faculty and GTFs, observed about a 100 classes across the curriculum, hosted two weeks of new teacher trainings before classes […]

Teaching Teachers to Teach

Thinking back on a career of some 30+ years in teaching, I am seeing glimpses of memorable moments. Peace Corps, Liberia, West Africa: I am 21 and standing in front of a room of 55 Liberian fifth graders sitting two to a chair. It’s a classic Peace Corps moment. I am attempting to teach a math […]

Inclusive Classrooms, Inclusive Departments

A recent post at the Chronicle of Higher Education looked at the link between faculty work conditions and student success—especially as it pertains to adjunct faculty. ‘It’s critical for them to have better working conditions because the success of their students depends on it,’ said Adrianna Kezar, an associate professor of higher education at the […]

The Future of Higher Education: A Gaze Into the Crystal Ball

Concern about the future of higher education is nothing new, and recent discussions emphasize various factors ranging from the impact of information technology to the role of federal policy to the consequences of economic downturn, among numerous other considerations.  Almost all the commentaries agree that higher education is in flux, albeit there is much disparity […]

Tenure and Teaching

Should the nationwide discussion about potential changes to the tenure system focus on faculty positions or student education?  Recently, The Chronicle of Higher Education published Tenure, RIP: What the Vanishing Status Means for the Future of Education describing the trends of decreasing tenure positions and increasing adjunct […]

What’s Your Course Worth?

What if you had to put the financial cost of your course on your syllabus right next to the day and time of class meetings? What if you had to provide the projected future value of the skills and knowledge developed in your course, as well? Would your course look like a good investment? Today  […]