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Duck In: Claim Your Seat Today!

We invite faculty to participate in Duck In, a week of class visits across the curriculum, May 15-18. This new program extends TEP’s mission to build a “connected campus-wide teaching culture,” creating a way for faculty to make a one-time offer of open seats—and for other faculty to claim them.
Let’s break down some of the solitude around teaching and learn from one another in action. How does a colleague engage students? Introduce a difficult concept? Address a topic of urgent social concern? Please take this special chance to duck into another classroom and find out!

All participants are invited to a catered follow-up conversation and celebration Friday, May 19, 10-noon in the Knight Library Proctor 41 Classroom. Can you join us? (RSVP here…)

**This new program is designed for faculty. We hope to offer a Duck In exclusively for graduate student teachers next year.**


Chuck Kalnbach
MGMT416: Organizational Development and Change Management (2 seats)
Mon, May 15, 10-11:50am
245 Lillis

Students will have just finished a complicated computer simulation the week before—see how they process and build on that work through a guided debriefing session in this course about how leaders create and sustain organizational change.
Claim your seat!

Jon Runyeon
HPHY 433/533: Neurophysiology of Concussion (FULL)
Mon, May 15, 10-11:50am
B040 Allan Price Science Commons

Come see a Herman Award for Specialized Pedagogy recipient teach his popular capstone course using some of the same active and peer methods that make his large lecture courses some of the most participatory on campus.
Claim your seat!

Ellen Eischen
Math 441/541: Linear Algebra (2 seats)
Mon, May 15, noon-12:50
301 Deady

Math 446/546: Abstract Algebra (1 SEAT)
Mon, May 15, 11-11:50am
301 Deady

Visit the upper-division courses of one of UO’s new faculty—a mathematician trained in improv theater—to see how she uses active teaching methods and invites students into the questions that intrigue disciplinary experts.
Claim your seat in 441! (FULL)
Claim your seat in 446! (FULL)

Mike Urbancic
EC 327: Introduction to Game Theory (20 seats)
Mon, May 15, noon-1:20pm
123 Pacific

At this class session of a game theory course you’ll observe the use of pre-class audio (or perhaps video), i>clickers, activity sheets, and open-response index cards to engage students and help them practice the concepts being taught in an active setting—taught by a member of the Working Group on Active Teaching and Learning.
Claim your seat!

Harinder Khalsa
ITAL 105: Intensive First-Year Italian (3 seats)
Mon, May 15, noon-12:50pm
158 McKenzie

Sit in on an Italian language course where students explore new ways to see themselves and their culture through new eyes—taught by a Herman Award for Specialized Pedagogy recipient.
Claim your seat!

Bonnie Mann
PHILO 170: Love and Sex (20 balcony seats)
Mon, May 15, noon-12:50pm
156 Straub

Join Williams Fellow Bonnie Mann as she expands the possibilities of the large class, inviting students to analyze intimacy through historical, sociological, philosophical and other lenses, working with often charged material to make deep reflection and learning possible.
Claim your seat!

Scott Fisher
ASTR 122: The Birth and Death of Stars (FULL)
Mon, May 15, 2-3:20pm
110 Willamette

Join Scott Fisher, the physics department’s outreach coordinator, winner of both the 2015 Physics Slam and Tykeson Teaching Award for Natural Sciences, as he uses dynamic lecture and discussion methods to engage his students in this very popular general education course. Professor Fisher was also a participant in Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching—a Science Literacy Program-affiliated course.
Claim your seat!

Raghu Parthasarathy
PHYS 610: Biophysics (2 seats)
Mon, May 15, 2-3:20pm
350 Willamette

Sit in on Science Literacy Program Director Raghu Parthasarathy’s graduate-level biophysics course as he uses small-group discussion, frequently about current or landmark biophysics research papers, as well as other evidence-based practices to guide student learning.
Claim your seat!


Jodi Weber
AEIS 108: Advanced Reading Academic Discourse (2 seats)
Tue, May 16, 8-9:50am
151 Straub

Watch as Jodi Weber supports non-native English speakers in developing strategies for comprehending complex texts. Get an inside glimpse of the training that prepares many of our international students to be successful at UO.
Claim your seat!

Elly Vandegrift
BI 140: Science, Policy, and Biology (10 seats)
Tues, May 16, 10-11:20am
240A McKenzie

Join Williams Fellow and Associate Director of the Science Literacy Program Elly Vandegrift as she employs evidence-based methods to engage students on issues of urgent social concern—this week genetically modified organisms—to a Science Literacy Program biology course for non-science majors.
Claim your seat!

Joan Dobbie
Physical Education Mind and Body 201: Gentle Yoga (2 seats)
Tue, May 16, 11-11:50am
77 Student Recreation

A soft, non-strenuous way to connect mind and body. Don’t drink coffee or eat more than a light snack for at least 2 hours beforehand, and show up in your stretchy clothes.
Claim your seat!

Tina Starr
MGMT415: Human Resources Management (2 seats)
Tue, May 16, noon-1:50pm
232 Lillis

In this student-led course, groups prepare and present key topics; usually a guest who specializes in the day’s area or topic will join in ad hoc, provide feedback to the presenters, and discuss business trends in HR. Students also work on scenarios from professional contexts, explicitly connecting theory to practice.
Claim your seat!

Emily Simnitt
WR121e: Composition Course for International Students (1 seat)
Tue, May 16, noon-1:20pm
360 Condon

Take a seat in one of the key courses that grounds a UO degree—Writing 121, this one taught by a specialist in writing pedagogy with expertise in coaching multilingual writers.
Claim your seat!

Keaton Miller
EC201: Principles of Microeconomics (20 seats)
Tue, May 16, noon-1:20pm
180 PLC

This large course connects key concepts and material to current events at the local, national, and international level in as close to real-time as possible and uses in-class activity software to get students actively engaging with the material.
Claim your seat!

Ellen Herman
HIST 309, History of Women in the U.S. (20 seats)
Tue, May 16, noon-1:20pm
123 Pacific

Join Professor Herman—an experienced faculty member and participant in the Working Group on Active Teaching and Learning—as she teaches a brand new large class, learning as she goes. She challenges students to ask questions and to question their own assumptions.
Claim your seat!

Greg Bothun and John Nicols
HC 424 Science and Culture (8 seats)
Tue, May 16, 2-3:50pm
B042 Allan Price Science Commons  

Come watch longtime co-teachers Greg Bothun, a participant in the Working Group on Active Teaching and Learning, and Williams Fellow John Nicols as they challenge their Honors College students to tolerate ambiguity and critically assess the interplay of science and culture.
Claim your seat!

Jo Smith
EDLD 607: School and Systems Reform
online, unlimited seats
5:00-6:50pm, live online session

Sit in on a unique, live online session as Jo Smith and her students discuss timely research focused on school systems and recent national and state educational reform efforts.
Claim your seat!


Tricia Bevans
MATH 212: Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics (3 seats)
Wed, May 16, 9-9:50am
106 Deady

Join a member of the Working Group on Active Teaching and Learning as she builds future teachers’ confidence in their math skills and changes mindsets about what it means to be good at math and how to teach it.
Claim your seat!

Mike Price
Math 242: Calculus for Business and Social Science (10 seats)
Wed, May 17, 10-11:20am
156 Straub

Herman Faculty Achievement award-winner and the teacher of math’s graduate pedagogy seminar teaches calculus to non-majors with active methods that bring motivation, clarity, and support to building students’ quantitative skills.
Claim your seat!

Tara Fickle 
ENG 399: Asian American Comics (FULL)
Wed, May 17, 10-11:20am
Knight Library Proctor 41 Classroom

Watch as Tara Fickle, a campus leader in teaching with gamified strategies and Working Group on Active Teaching and Learning member, opens her classroom to feature multimedia student group presentations and facilitates class discussion (30 students) on Forget Sorrow, an important work in Asian American comics.
Claim your seat!

Nicola Barber
BI 322: Cell Biology (20 seats)
Wed, May 17, 10-11:20am
128 Chiles

Nicola Barber, Senior Research Associate in the Science Literacy Program, asks students to develop and use models to communicate scientific ideas, in this case how cellular processes are carried out normally and are defective in diseases. Research also supports the group work and problem-solving activities she uses to guide student learning.
Claim your seat!

Jennifer Rice
AEIS 102: Advanced Academic Oral Communication (3 seats)
Wed, May 17, noon-1:40pm
192 Anstett

Get a special glimpse of how non-native speakers of English are prepared to enter UO’s curriculum by joining these students in small-group activities as Jennifer Rice introduces her students to American academic skills and culture—taught by a Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching participant.
Claim your seat!

Andrew Karduna
HPHY 212: Evidence Inference and Biostatistics (20 seats)
Wed, May 17, 2-3:20pm
182 Lillis

An experienced UO faculty member uses active methods to introduce students to the key methods and insights of statistics in the sciences, while trying to leverage their interest in the movement of their own bodies.
Claim your seat!

Julie Voelker-Morris
AAD 252: Art & Gender (2 seats)
Wed, May 17, 2-3:50pm

Join a 2017 Williams Fellow as she leads a discussion comparing two different versions of the Black Panther comics, including one written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, this year’s UO Common Reading author.
Claim your seat!

Nicole Dudukovic
PSY 301: Scientific Thinking in Psychology (FULL)
Wed, May 17, 2-3:20pm
145 Straub

Join Nicole Dudukovic as she challenges students to “follow the data” to make sense of human behavior and to think like a psychologist. Course is both a general education course and required for the majors—a combination some faculty report as challenging. Teaching methods include i>clickers.
Claim your seat!


Alex Dracobly
HIST 340: U.S. Military History
Thur, May 18, 8:30-9:50am
123 Global Scholars Hall

CAS101H: Reacting to the Past—Rousseau, Burke, and Revolution in France, 1791
Thur, May 18, noon-1:50pm
473 McKenzie

Join a Tykeson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching recipient and member of the Working Group on Active Teaching and Learning in one of two very distinctive classes: a 100-student general education course that builds students’ writing skills and ability to work with archival materials; a 15-student term-long historical role play.
Claim your seat in 340! (20 seats)
Claim your seat in 101! (FULL)

Connie Dickey
FRENCH 112: Intensive Beginning French (FULL)
Thur, May 18, 9-9:50am
471 McKenzie

Watch students interacting in French in an immersive setting; see students engaged in learning the language by using it in a relaxed but structured environment.
Claim your seat!

Agnieszka Alboszta
AEIS 102: Advanced Oral Communication (2 seats)
Thur, May 18, 10-11:50am
125 Living-Learning Center North

Observe international students developing oral fluency and building confidence in their English language skills in this intermediate-high level speaking and listening course that prepares them to succeed at UO and beyond.
Claim your seat!

Denise Gigliotti
CHN106: Accelerated First-Year Chinese (8 seats)
Thur, May 18, 1-1:50pm
158 McKenzie

Tykeson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching recipient and member of the Working Group on Active Teaching and Learning uses active Chinese language learning practices as students engage in a highly immersive language experience.

N.B. The class will mainly be conducted in Chinese.
Claim your seat!

Laura G. Holland
LT437/537L: Language Teaching Practice (2 seats)
Thur, May 18, 2-3:50pm
106 Friendly

Join an experienced teacher of teachers in a very popular course that brings students who are learning English together with her cohort of future English language teachers in a powerful peer learning community.
Claim your seat!

George Sheridan
HIST 420/520: The Idea of Europe (FULL)
Thur, May 18, 2-3:20pm
189 PLC

Join Ersted award recipient and guest experts in a multi-disciplinary encounter with the history and culture of Europe as seen through the lens of issues and topics that challenge our pre-conceptions about the European legacy and identity.
Claim your seat!

FRIDAY, May 19
Catered Conversation and Celebration
for All Participants

Knight Library Proctor
41 Classroom, 10am-noon


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