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Graduate Students: Consider Working with TEP Next Year

TEP seeks a graduate student teacher interested in pedagogical method and the scholarship of teaching and learning to join its staff next academic year as its Graduate Student Teacher-Scholar. As a full member of TEP’s team, the GE will observe and help lead workshops and consultations; consider ways for TEP to enhance its support for all GEs through its Graduate Teaching Initiative; and have the chance to help with small-scale research projects into the teaching and learning culture on campus.

TEP’s Graduate Student Teacher-Scholar will gain experience that is valuable in a range of higher education careers, including faculty and administrative positions.

Research methods expertise and experience with inclusive teaching methods and the teaching of identity, difference, and power are especially relevant to TEP’s program goals next academic year.

Applications due Tuesday, August 1
For more information, see our job ad or contact tep@uoregon.edu with questions.

Being the TEP Graduate Student Teacher-Scholar has been an amazing experience, and I want to encourage anyone who is interested in the position to email me at tep@uoreogn.edu with any questions about what it entails. Specifically the job: 

  • made me into a better teacher. In this position you work with a stellar group of fellow teachers and faculty developers, and you also get deep exposure in the scholarship of teaching and learning. I continued to teach in the summers for the two years I have been with TEP, and was able to approach those classes with confidence and new techniques and tricks I learned from TEP staff and those faculty and GEs I worked with through TEP programming.
  • made me a more marketable candidate for higher education jobs. I am leaving TEP to take a tenure track faculty position, and know from my campus interviews that my work with TEP impressed committees and gave me a fluency to speak about various issues within higher education and teaching that very few graduate students have a chance to develop.
  • was generally flexible allowing me time to do my research, conference, and interview for positions.
  • expanded my sense of how colleges and universities work.

—Shane Hall

(Dr. Hall will begin a TTF position in Environmental Studies at Salisbury University in fall 2017)

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