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Inclusive Teaching: Questions for Consideration

  • Do I know who my students are and what assets they bring to my classroom? What efforts have I made to find out and use that information?
  • Do my students know who I am; do they know something about my intellectual journey; do I seem interested in and available to them? Do they know how to address me and feel welcomed to?
  • In the content of my course, do I present an inclusive vision of my field and whose voices are valued in it? Do I give students ways into what’s beautiful, urgent, or compelling about my course?
  • Do my classroom teaching strategies and assignments align with my most cherished goals for student learning? Are they varied to draw on different kinds of strength and/or scaffolded so students have low-stakes occasions for practice?
  • Am I explicit about the intellectual “moves that matter” in my course and discipline and transparent about my own hopes and expectations for the course?
  • Do I take time to build class community and students’ sense of what their peers bring to the table? Do we establish ideals or protocols for how we’ll work together and make the most of our opportunity to learn with and from one another?
  • Do I check in with my students about how they’re feeling about the class?
  • When controversy arises in the classroom do I have productive ways to address it?
  • Do I give students ways to understand failure and growth? Can I normalize hard work and struggle? Do I make sure my students have ways to interpret critical feedback other than “maybe I don’t belong here”?

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