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Resources: Students, Technology, and Surveying the Landscape

An important question for many faculty working with Information and Educational Technology is what do students think about using technology to supplement their learning?  From here another question becomes what specific types of technology are students using in their educational and indeed their daily lives?

A couple interesting survey studies have addressed these questions.  The first is the ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2010, which surveyed “36,950 freshmen and seniors at 100 four-year institutions and students at 27 two-year institutions” as well as conducted “student focus groups that included input from 84 students at 4 institutions.”

Another one of interest from 2009 is the 21st Century Students: Technology Survey. University of Minnesota Twin Cities. 09, which “present[s] findings from one component of the “Understanding Our Students” project, namely the 2009 student technology survey, and analyze the results by considering data from past surveys, student focus groups, and panel discussions where appropriate.”

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