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Curriculum Mapping: Objectives, Assessment, and Technology

Over the last few months I have sat in on various meetings and presentations about e-portfolios, open courseware, and assessment.  Under discussion are the ways in which different technologies can help mediate across-campus open access to course objectives and assessment processes.  Out of these discussions one area that has really stood out for me is […]

Universal Design in College Instruction

At some point during one’s teaching experience an instructor has most likely come across a situation where a student needed a level of support not normally planned for within  the syllabus and curriculum development.  This student may have had a physical limitation such as needing wheelchair access to the classroom, or a student may have […]

Scholarly Teaching: Assessment as Research

I have been thinking lately about assessment design. Most likely because as I write this it’s finals time and, walking through campus, I hear students agonizing over tests, culminating projects, term papers and all manner of academic gauntlets. They are under-slept and over-caffeinated, grumbling or speaking a million miles a minute about what they […]