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TEATalks: ESRI, ArcGIS and “Our Digital Earth” By Professor Chris Bone

Professor Chris Bone from the Geography Department was our guest presenter at last Friday’s TEA Talks. He gave a very detailed demonstration on Geographic Information Systems, how the science of geography has changed over time, and then he showed us the up and coming tool created by ESRI (the maker of the software ArcGIS) known […]

TEATalks: VoiceThread (Online content and presentation tool with voice annotations)

Last Friday, Marilyn Williams, Director of Education Secondary Instructional Service and Adjunct Instructor Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership, presented on the unique tool known as VoiceThread. VoiceThread is many things,  including a presentation tool, a document sharing tool, video and image sharing tool, too. The unique thing about VoiceThread is that it simply allows individuals to add […]

TEATalks First Meeting: Discussing Educational Technology

Last Friday we had our first TEATalks meeting (see here for full description and listing of session offerings:  http://tep.uoregon.edu/workshops/events/year11-12/spring/TEATalks.html). The session was a fairly informal one in which instructors and graduate students discussed with us their experiences, interests, and concerns for using technology in the classroom.  I talked about my thoughts for making sure one: Reflects on […]

Online and Blended Instruction: Benefits and Challenges

This is the second of a two-part series focusing on online and blended instructional design (for the first part see:  Online and Blended Instruction: Thoughts about Where We are (or are we?)). This writing will examine three areas of discussion focused on specific teaching and learning benefits and challenges found within online instructional design.  As […]

Online and Blended Instruction: Thoughts about Where We are (or are we?)

As we move into the new year I want to address a topic that has been on the radar of teaching and learning for years:  online and blended instructional design.  This is the first of a two-part series in which I first address some of the generalities of online teaching and learning and then in […]

What We Learn From Online Education

Inside Higher Ed had an interesting article yesterday.  The Department of Education has released a meta-analysis of studies that compare  online, hybrid and traditional “face to face” learning environments. The results were surprising: Students perform better in online courses than in face-to-face courses, and they perform best of all in hybrid courses. The results certainly […]

EDUCAUSE Western Regional: Finding Common Ground Among Shifting Technologies and Expectations

I returned from the EDUCAUSE Western Regional conference a few weeks ago and thought I would share some of the session resources. The conference was themed: Finding Common Ground Among Shifting Technologies and Expectations and included some very interesting sessions, plus it is always a bonus attending a conference in San Francisco!

The Unforgiving Classroom

Again with the online instructional design! Many folks who’ve never taught online think that it’s a cakewalk; just slap up the power points, upload the assignments, and sit in your PJs watching daytime TV until the papers roll in. It does not take long to realize this is not the case. And even those novices […]


So I was reading this article the other day: a really great article from EDUCAUSE Quarterly, an instructional technology group. The article was a gathering of recommendations from successful online students for students new to online learning. The recommendations are very useful ( a lot of what you would expect, emphasis on time management and […]

The C- Words: Communication, Clarity, Community

So, we’ve been running an all online course for instructors here at the UO. It’s a online course about designing online courses, so meta. And because of this, I have been thinking about what is the most challenging part of teaching online, and the greatest difference between face to face an online teaching. Personally, […]