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Online Teaching Resources for Instructors

Sometimes I’m asked if there is an easy way to stay informed about the latest research on teaching and learning – without having to find and wade through actual books or articles. Usually this request is coupled with a caveat that one is looking for information that is also practical, that is, techniques and activities […]

Site Visit: New York Times Learning Network

Folks always ask me where they can go to find strategies for using current events and pop culture to help their students engage in their disciplines. Before I might have given these pop-culture seekers a long list of sites and blogs to check, podcasts, to listen to, and RSS feeds they should subscribe to. And […]

Site Visit: The Assessment Toolbox

Jon Mueller, a professor of psychology at North Central College in Illinois, has developed the Authentic Assessment Toolbox. The toolbox is an online resource for instructors who want to develop authentic activities and curriculum. Authentic Assessments require students to “perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills.” For example, in a […]

Site Visit!

We’re introducing a new piece of the blog: the Site Visit! Site Visits are reviews and short annotations of web resources we think will be useful to our instructors. Our first visit is to the National Education Association’s site for Best Practices For Teaching & Learning in Higher Education.  They’ve gathered the best practices in several […]