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Teach Naked?

The Chronicle of Higher Ed wrote recently about José A. Bowen, a dean at Southern Methodist University who is on a mission to strip classrooms bare of technology.  He still wants instructors of higher education to use educational technology. He advocates taking full advantage of new technologies (podcasts, vodcasts, blogs, wikis, etc.) to move information delivery to the virtual classroom, leaving hours of face-to face time for discussion and hands-on activities. If students come to class having reviewed the “material” for the day, by watching the lecture online, everything is “covered” by the time you walk in the door. Which means you can finally get to all those activities you thought you didn’t have time for, like discussions, experiments, group-work, case-studies, even field-trips. Oddly enough, it turns out that students prefer spending class time on activities rather than watching power-points. Who’d have thought?

Of course, it can be difficult to jump right into producing online lectures. But you can always start with one or two lectures, and you can always get help from TEP. Look for a workshop during Winter term in Online Content Delivery, and until then make an appointment with a consultant. Send your request to tep@uoregon.edu

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