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Teaching in Turbulent Times Resources

During winter 2018, TEP and its campus partners hosted workshops meant to support faculty and graduate student teachers as they considered teaching in a climate of heightened political tension, increased complaints about faculty and student classroom behaviors, and real vulnerabilities for some members of our community.

All the materials from these sessions are now available online.

I want to know more about…

  • What if I’m encountering a difficult situation in the classroom? How does the balance between free expression, on the one hand, and academic standards and respectfulness, on the other, inform an instructor’s agency in the classroom?

See “Classroom Disruptions FAQs: Policy and Advice, Sample Responses
and Classroom scenarios from the workshops, including TEP reflections.

  • How do I take proactive steps to establish clear expectations and agreements for classroom interaction? How do I set and maintain a positive climate for more lively student engagement and help everyone be more prepared to navigate challenging moments?

See TEP’s “Difficult Topics/Strong Emotions/Challenging Moments” packet.





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