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TEATalks First Meeting: Discussing Educational Technology

Image of hand holding steaming tea cupLast Friday we had our first TEATalks meeting (see here for full description and listing of session offerings:  http://tep.uoregon.edu/workshops/events/year11-12/spring/TEATalks.html).

The session was a fairly informal one in which instructors and graduate students discussed with us their experiences, interests, and concerns for using technology in the classroom.  I talked about my thoughts for making sure one:

  • Reflects on one’s comfort and excitement levels for using technology applications.
  • Considers the student perspective and what are their comfort and excitement levels for using technology applications.
  • Locates the various campus resources to support one’s use of the technology (see this handout for UO resources: http://tep.uoregon.edu/technology/help/UO_resources.pdf).
  • Considers the cost of using the application (not only the $ but also the time one will need to allocate).

In regards to our sharing of resources focus Sean Sharp (Architecture and Allied Arts) presented on ProfHacker (http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/) and as a group we brainstormed some other resources:

Our discussion brought up some very interesting questions/themes that I am looking forward to exploring as we progress through this series.  Of particular of interest:

  • How can one get students to really participate online?  Does the application help or hinder this discussion/participation?
  • What technologies are out there on the fringe right now that can be explored for educational applications?
  • Where are we at culturally with using technologies in the classroom?  Where are the students coming from?  What type of technology use barriers might there be for the student, instructor, and larger university culture?
  • When does it become distracting to bring technology into the classroom?
  • How can technologies be leveraged to better communicate with the students?

Any others I’m leaving off?  Please feel free to add your questions and thoughts in the comments area.

Finally as a reminder we have a great session coming up this week, Friday the 20th (3:00-4:00) when Professor Greg Bothun, Physics Department will be sharing his experiences using a tablet device for dynamic presentations.  Note that the room for this presentation is different and we will be meeting in Knight Library 122 Knight (Collaboration Center, main level: http://libweb.uoregon.edu/knight/knightmap/knight1map.html).

UPDATE:  Hi, we have to reschedule the tablet presentation this Friday.  Professor Bothun will be presenting on his tablet use at our May 25th meeting time (and will meet again in 122 Knight (Collaboration Center)).  We apologize for the inconvenience, but for this upcoming Friday we will still meet in Knight Library 122 Knight (Collaboration Center, main level: http://libweb.uoregon.edu/knight/knightmap/knight1map.html) and Sean and I will be presenting on “Collaborative Applications and Collaborative Learning.” As part of this session we will not only be presenting on various online collaborative tools that can be used in teaching and learning but will also be working everyone through a collaborative learning activity using Google Docs.

See you Friday!  And remember tea and snacks are on us!

-Robert Voelker-Morris

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