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TEATalks: VoiceThread (Online content and presentation tool with voice annotations)

Last Friday, Marilyn Williams, Director of Education Secondary Instructional Service and Adjunct Instructor Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership, presented on the unique tool known as VoiceThread. VoiceThread is many things,  including a presentation tool, a document sharing tool, video and image sharing tool, too.

The unique thing about VoiceThread is that it simply allows individuals to add voice comments or voice annotations on a presentation. These voice annotations become part of the original document and one can follow a conversation thread throughout the VoiceThread.  One important pedagogical use this allows for is having presentations not be a one way dialogue between presenter and audience, but allows multiple voices to add into the dialogue.  It also allows for a strong visual presence to be added into the discussion since the dialogue can occur around images and video.

There are many other uses for this type of tool. For example, Marilyn talked about the idea of  extending documents and putting information in a format online with audio. Interactive, creative, multimedia collaborations is what using VoiceThread is all about.

As an example, I have embedded a VoiceThread below that discusses exactly what a VoiceThread is all about:

Not only are there pedagogical uses for VoiceThread presentations, but one could use them for administrative and research reasons as well. A group of individuals could discuss ideas that are presented in a document which has been shared in a VoiceThread. One could create this before a meeting, and then when people arrive at the meeting, a “group” viewing of the VoiceThread could take place. Following the viewing the group could continue the conversation in the meeting making necessary decisions and changes.

This link, Teaching Without Walls, takes you to a website with in-depth references and tutorials on using VoiceThreads.  I encourage folks to check out the website for more information.  Some of the topics include:

  • VoiceThread participation
  • How to create a VoiceThread
  • Creating a fully secure VoiceThread

If you need more information or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: ssharp@uoregon.edu.

Next week we will Nargas Oskui from the Center for Media and Educational Technologies discussing her experience at BlackBoard World. Hope to see you there!

-Sean Sharp

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