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TEP Calls for Applicants for First Teaching Excellence Fellow

We’re delighted to invite applications from senior members of the faculty—both tenured faculty and senior instructors—for TEP’s first Teaching Excellence Fellowships, funded by the Tom and Carol Williams Fund for Undergraduate Education and the Division of Undergraduate Studies. The position will release two of UO’s distinguished teachers from courses during 2016 and 2017 and provide a $2,500 dedicated programming budget. 

As a Teaching Excellence Fellow, you will take techniques and insights that matter in your own teaching and expand their impact across the campus. 

Moreover, we hope the Teaching Excellence Fellows will enjoy a restorative break from a full teaching load—the gift of time to explore and reflect, in a new capacity, on issues in teaching and learning with colleagues and students.

What would you do as the Teaching Excellence Fellow?

  • You would attend meetings of TEP’s professional staff and graduate students during which we talk about issues in teaching at UO and nationally and discuss how to make a positive impact on the campus teaching and learning culture. 
  • You would have the opportunity to engage with one or more of TEP’s standing programs, such as its annual training for new faculty or its course revision cohort, depending on your interests.
  • Most importantly, we would develop programs with you to advance an issue or practice that is important to your teaching.For example, are you experimenting with compelling ways to teach climate change, or information literacy, or quantitative reasoning? Are you developing community-based assignments or experimenting with ways for students to find personal relevance and meaning within your course material? Are you responding to gaps in students’ essential skills—perhaps writing, speaking, analysis—in compelling ways? Are you attempting to somehow re-energize or re-personalize the lecture hall?

Let us work with you to host a broader conversation about your approach; help enrich our teaching community with new ideas and practices.

How does one apply?

Please email TEP’s director (Lee Rumbarger, leona@uoregon.edu) with an informal letter of interest (about a page, single spaced). This should include: 

(1) a specific issue in teaching that’s important to you and how you feel you’ve addressed it creatively; 

(2) a brief discussion of why this issue matters, in your view, to the UO community specifically or the higher education community more generally;

(3) if you already have thoughts about this, an idea of how you might want to address your issue with the campus community;

(4) your sense of what distinguishes your teaching career—you might have won a teaching award or been a leader in discussions about teaching in your own department; you might have a sense from student feedback about a specific way your teaching has mattered to them;

(5) why you think you’d enjoy the position.

These letters are due by Monday, October 19; finalists will be interviewed.

This position is new to TEP; we welcome questions from you and look forward to learning from all our applicants. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring senior colleagues into our ranks.

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