Goals & Objectives

What happens on the first day of class? How do you establish your learning objectives for your students?

Synopsis: On the first day of class Susan explains course goals and learning objectives in terms of content and skill development. She also helps her students understand their learning styles.

Keywords: Featured, First Day of Class, Goals & Objectives, Human Physiology, Learning Styles

Talk about how your approach to this course has gone from teacher-centered to learner-centered.

Susan Verscheure
Human Physiology

Synopsis: When Susan began teaching, she did not feel comfortable with the traditional teacher-centered approach. Over time she has changed her focus to a more student-centered approach.

Keywords: Goals & Objectives, Human Physiology, Learner-Centered

How do you ask your students to prepare for class and how are they held accountable for this preparation?

Dave Dusseau

Synopsis: Dave describes class “To Do” lists and the flow of a typical class session. 80-90% of what students need to learn is embedded in activities and exercises completed outside of class.

Keywords: Accountability, Business, Goals & Objectives

What are your objectives for student learning?

Dave Dusseau

Synopsis: Dave explains three ways he informs students regarding his learning objectives for the course.

Keywords: Business, Featured, First Day of Class, Goals & Objectives

How was your course design changed over the years?

Synopsis: Dave discusses how his Intro to Business course evolved from an exercise in vocabulary to application of business concepts via simulated student-run businesses.

Keywords: Business, Featured, Goals & Objectives

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