Learning Styles

Being learner-centered moves the balance of power from teacher to student. The role of the teacher shifts from that of content expert to facilitator. How has this kind of thinking influenced how you design your course?

Susan Verscheure
Human Physiology

Synopsis: Susan designs her course so that students are expected to come to class prepared to share what they have learned. She explains her unique approach to assessment.

Keywords: Accountability, Featured, Human Physiology, Learning Styles

How do you ask your students to prepare for class and how are they held accountable for this preparation?

Synopsis: Susan explains her unique assignment called “The External Brain.” Students are expected to complete a portion of this assignment and may do so in a way that reinforces their learning style.

Keywords: Accountability, Featured, Human Physiology, Learning Styles

What happens on the first day of class? How do you establish your learning objectives for your students?

Synopsis: On the first day of class Susan explains course goals and learning objectives in terms of content and skill development. She also helps her students understand their learning styles.

Keywords: Featured, First Day of Class, Goals & Objectives, Human Physiology, Learning Styles

What techniques do you use with shyer and less confident students to help them contribute in class?

Ron Beghetto

Synopsis: Ron invites students to volunteer and take risks. He models himself as someone who is still in a constant state of learning. He deliberately asks for volunteers who dread volunteering. He designs multiple kinds of opportunities for students to contribute.

Keywords: Education, Featured, Learning Styles, Participation

How has the idea of student-centered teaching influenced how you design your courses?

Synopsis: Ron explains how the student-centered movement has changed is role as an instructor, how he enables students to practice professional behaviors, and how he provides choices about how they demonstrate their learning.

Keywords: Education, Featured, Learning Styles

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